CD-39 Ballot Update

LA HABRA, CA — While ballots are still being counted in the counties of Orange, Los Angeles, and San Bernardino, the outcome remains the same: a clear majority of voters have cast their ballots electing Young Kim.

“Trailing by thousands of votes, the Gil Cisneros Campaign has been desperate to influence and alter the outcome of this race by harassing and intimidating vote counters in Orange County – and earned a rebuke from the Los Angeles County Registrar for physical ballot tampering. Those nefarious actions reflect a campaign that knows a majority of voters cast their ballots electing Young Kim, and as a result will do anything in their desperate effort to change the results. The Young Kim Campaign is standing up for the democratic process, the will of the majority of voters, and is emphatically committed to every legal vote being counted.

“We now have a massive sample size of ballots showing that Young Kim earned approximately 53.2 percent of the vote in Orange County, 51.3 percent in San Bernardino County, and 43.7 percent in Los Angeles County. With 173,000 total votes counted, the remaining ballots should nearly match those vote shares in each county. Anything falling significantly outside of those percentages could reflect foul play and we will continue observing closely to make sure the integrity of this election remains intact.”

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