Marketing and more: the 2018 Orange County midterm elections

It Ain’t Over Until the Fat Socialist Sings

California and specifically conservative counties and districts started changing from red to blue when the liberal state legislature allowed same-day registration and voting along with motor-voter registration. The situation worsened for the state’s law-abiding citizens when illegal aliens started obtaining driver’s licenses.

Against the backdrop of a state legislature gone mad, there are questions as to where the majority of Orange County provisional votes came from.

  • Illegal aliens?
  • Dead voters?
  • People voting multiple times?
  • Old-fashioned fraud?

Perhaps the question we should be asking is: How many cigarettes does it take to get a homeless person to vote for a Democrat?

Columnist Susan Shelley outlined the multiple devious ways election fraud takes place in California in “Not All Votes Are Created Equal” –

California’s voter registration and election procedures are wide open for fraud. For example, anyone can illegally impersonate a voter on Election Day by giving that person’s name and address and then voting.

Her column, which detailed the many ways people (Democrats?) can fraudulently elect their candidates, closed with –

Nobody checks, and nobody cares. Every vote counts.

Orange County Republicans who won on Election Day (many with healthy margins) lost a few days later. Imagine if the situation had been reversed and Democrat’s Election Day wins were suddenly changed. Democrats would have loudly demanded recounts and/or investigations as they shouted “No election, no peace!”

As post-Election Day shenanigans materialized the California/Orange County Republican leadership was almost universally silent. Were elites too busy dining in the prestigious members-only Center and Pacific Clubs as they drafted polite concession speeches?

Let’s remember this is the same elite leadership that insisted John Cox should be the Republican candidate for governor. Cox ran such a dismal campaign that many didn’t even know he was running. Those who did know could not even find lawn signs to support his candidacy.

In addition to Democratic Election Day tomfooleries, California is hemorrhaging conservatives. Most every California Republican knows several conservative family or friends who have relocated due to the idiocy of liberalism: driver’s licenses for illegal aliens, sanctuary state, high taxes and inferior government services. It all comes down to Republicans saying their ABCs – Anywhere But California.

Statistically, California might not be losing “people.” However, studies show that exiting conservatives are often replaced with liberals or illegal aliens who believe government is the answer to everything. Free this. Free that. Perhaps liberals are right. After all, it’s so lovely visiting San Francisco and seeing homeless camps littering city streets in a horrible sea of human waste and dirty needles.

Socialist Democrats have also brought California other delights that can make us proud:

  • California leads the nation in poverty (1 in 5 Californians are impoverished according to the U.S. Census’ Supplemental Poverty Measure).
  • California leads the nation in homeless (1 in 4 homeless live on our streets according to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development).
  • California usually ranks near the bottom on national standardized tests according to the nonpartisan Legislative Analyst’s Office.
  • California is one of the highest-taxed states in the nation while ranking close to bottom on fiscal health (43rd place according to the watchdog group Truth in Accounting).

So of course, let’s elect more socialist Democrats, which in turn encourages more middle-class Republicans to escape the state.

Reading post-Election Day analysis, it’s infuriating that some elite Republican leaders insist the Party’s road to recovery is by distancing itself from President Donald Trump.

I dare the California/Orange County Republican leadership to try it!

As former California Republican Party chair and committeeman for the Republican National Committee Shawn Steel wrote –

“To blame the president is to remain in denial about the real causes of California Republicans’ staggering setbacks.”

President Trump is what motivates most Republicans (and especially the base that does much of the heavy lifting) to stay in the Party and not switch to Independent. If the California GOP leadership distances the Party from President Trump, the only thing they will lead are conference rooms filled with empty chairs.

What the Republican leadership should do is acknowledge what the base already knows: California (and much of the United States) is at “war” – conservative Republicans against socialist Democrats.

Some California/Orange County Republican leaders remind me of Civil War General George McClellan – he was always immaculately dressed in his uniform because he rarely went into battle. It was a lot easier for McClellan to say the right things at political events than fight the enemy and win the war.

But it took gutsy Geneal Ulysses S. Grant, who didn’t always act and talk like a general, to win the horrifying Civil War and help restore sanity to our great nation.

California Republicans can win against dysfunctional and destructive socialist Democrats who hate much of what makes America a unique Judeo-Christian nation. However, the California GOP must be led by someone who isn’t afraid to fight with enthusiastic words and lawful actions; a robust leader who sharply calls out voter fraud and other obvious voting irregularities.

For a statistical analysis of the fraud that occurred in Orange County, read “Voter Fraud? Orange County Numbers Don’t Add Up – GOP Candidate for Governor Wins District But Every Single House Seat is Swept?”

Editor’s note on breaking news about the California Democratic Party

News is breaking from such sources as the Sacramento Bee that Eric Bauman is under investigation for alleged sexual misconduct. Bauman is the Chair of the California Democratic Party. According to the Bee, Daraka Larimore-Hall, the Vice Chair of the California Democratic Party, has filed paperwork calling for Bauman’s ouster.


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